Stepping Stones


This is one of my very favorite quotes; it’s a quote I always come back to when I’m feeling like I’m overwhelmed with all that life throws at me sometimes. A very dear friend of mine is going through a pretty rough patch in life and I needed to break this quote out for her to remind her that it’s not the circumstance that can make or break us…it’s what we decide to do with those circumstances. Do we use them as a platform for self pity or do we use them as a platforms for strength? There have been many days where I’ve felt like I just couldn’t handle anymore…like I just wanted to take a month or so, go where I couldn’t be found, and completely isolate myself.  Life doesn’t usually allow that. Life goes on regardless of whether you actively  participate. So, instead of letting life’s obstacles become road blocks…view them as stepping stones. Use them to build strength, character,  wisdom…let them become stepping stones that help propel you forward to becoming a better you. If you change the  way you view things you’ll be able to change your reaction and the outcome of your circumstance.

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