Don’t Compare Yourself!


Have you ever found yourself doing this? Have you ever compared your body to someone else’s and started to feel disgusted with yourself? Have you ever seen pictures people post on Facebook, the ones where people are on some sort of exotic vacation, looking like they don’t have a care in the world? Maybe you’ve heard someone talking about their 10,000 sq ft. home with its indoor pool and walk-in closet the size of your entire living room? Have you ever watched a couple act so happy and ‘lovey dovey’ out in public that you start questioning your own relationship? I think we’ve probably all been guilty of this at one point in time or another Why do we do this? Why do we compare what we have, what we look like and what our lives are like with other people? When we compare ourselves to other people it alters the way we think about ourselves. Suddenly we’re not skinny enough, not well traveled enough, not rich enough, not in love enough. The funny thing is…our view of others is very rarely the correct view. You never know other people’s circumstances and you’re doing yourself a huge injustice when you judge and compare yourself by the outward appearance of others. If you were able to see beyond the surface you might find that the girl who is so thin, has an eating disorder…the family smiling for the cameras while on vacation might be a family dealing with abuse beyond the public eye, the people who seem to be living a life if luxury might be on the verge of bankruptcy and that couple who makes you sick because they seem so in love and perfect together, might have a very destructive relationship filled with lies and infidelity behind closed doors (I know because I was in that kind of relationship). You are enough. Your life is enough. What you have is enough. The way you look is enough. QUIT comparing yourself. Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do something to change your circumstances if you’re unhappy with them. If you want to be healthier and thinner, work out and eat right. If you want to go on exotic vacations, book one! If having a huge home is important to you then work hard so that you’re able to afford one. If you’re unhappy in your relationship then make a change, if it’s unhealthy and/or abusive….leave. But everything you choose to do, do for yourself. Do it because you want to better yourself for YOU…not because you think you need to change to be like someone else. Don’t let comparison be the thief of your joy.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Compare Yourself!

  1. bittrsweetsrndpty says:

    I agree with this. I think we can truly be happy if we try to be better for ourselves and not because of insecurities, and definitely not for other people. 😁

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