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The very best investment you can make is investing in yourself!


Well, hello there!

Going through a transition: personal, family, relationship, career? Looking to make a significant change in your life? Awesome! You’ve come to the right place! So many people think about changing their lives but not many are actually willing to put in the time and effort to make those changes. The fact that you have come to my page and are exploring your options with me shows that you just might be ready to let me help you carve your path to success. So, congratulations! You’ve taken your first step! So, what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start DOING!

Why Work with a Transition Coach?

It’s simple: Life happens. Life is hard and confusing at times. Life can be overwhelming. Life can be unsatisfying. Sometimes we need someone who is on the outside of a situation to help see things clearly, help figure out who you want to be and what you want out of life, help guide you through the difficulties and help you transition into a new phase in life.

What Do I Do?

-I will help you evaluate your current situation

-We’ll create a strategy for dealing with it

-I’ll help you set goals (short term and long term)

-I’ll encourage you as you put your strategy into action

-I’ll do progress evaluations so we can continually stay on course to making changes and reaching your goals

*Schedule your free 1/2 hour Discovery Consultation right now and let the journey begin!

During our Discovery Consultation we’ll discuss your values, your personal and/or professional goals, what your expectations are as well as what mine are in working with you and what you’d like to achieve, as a whole, from your coaching experience with me.

The Little Details:

Email me at for package pricing and available payment methods. Payments can be made monthly but I offer a 10% discount on all packages if they are paid in full, up front, instead of making monthly payments.

All coaching sessions are done via Skype (other online methods are available, please contact me for more information).

For more information and to book your free consultation please email me at

My packages are as follows:


“The bridge between thinking and doing needs to be crossed. Take the initiative! Turn your dreams into your reality…just take that first step….”

Take the Initiative

The Take the Initiative  package is a three month package. Two sessions a month (one every other week), fifty minutes per session. Encouragement emails will be sent weekly and you will get unlimited email access, which means you can email me anytime between sessions and I will be sure to respond within twenty-four hours.


image1 (2)

See your goal

Understand the obstacles

Create a positive mental picture

Clear your mind of self doubt

Embrace the challenge

Stay on track

Show the world that you can do it.

Success Seeker

The Success Seeker package is a six month package. Two sessions a month (one every other week), fifty minutes per session. This package includes weekly encouragement emails, unlimited email access, free tools and worksheets to help you delve deeper to accomplish your goals, one personal note mailed to you every other month and a Surprise Box sent to you at the end of your contract. A Surprise Box is a box, tailored just for you, filled with items I’ve picked out for you to enjoy. It’s kind of my “thank you” for being so committed to the process.


photo (1)

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your Dreams  -Oprah

Living Your Dreams

The Living Your Dreams package is a twelve month package. Two sessions a month (one every other week), fifty minutes per session. This package also includes weekly encouragement emails, unlimited email access, free tools and worksheets to help you delve deeper to accomplish your goals, a personal note mailed to you EVERY month and a personalized Surprise Box sent to you at the six month mark AND at the end of the twelve month contract.


There is limited time and limited spaces so, Let’s Book You! To book your Discovery Consultation and pick your Coaching Package, email me at

Blessings and Success,

Coach Melanie

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