Smiling At My Phone

555524_10150937349861078_1466988923_nI was just sitting here pondering the complexities of life (I was actually in my jammies, watching funny animal videos on YouTube and popping my bubblegum…but “pondering complexities” sounds like a more intellectual pastime, dontcha think?), when I get a text from a friend that literally made me laugh out loud and almost choke on my gum. I love having funny friends—whether the particular ‘funny’ of the moment is sarcastic, silly, dirty  or quick-witted…I’m thankful to be blessed with friends that constantly bring a smile to my face. Sometimes it takes us a lifetime to find friends like that, and sometimes people are blessed to have met their close friends during childhood. I met the majority of my good friends within the last 5 years. When I’m sitting alone and I smile at my phone and laugh out loud like a complete dork…I know the wait was well worth it.

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