There Will Always be Someone


No matter how hard you strive to live a life of integrity and joy there will always be someone, somewhere, who prefers to have a different opinion of you. Sometimes those people are complete strangers who are jealous of the strength of character that you show and it makes them feel better to put you down. Other times it might be someone close to you who, through misunderstanding or because of unresolved issues in their own lives, suddenly turn on you and try to find fault with the people they once considered friends. Either way, don’t let other’s opinions of you dictate your behavior. You know yourself. If you are an honest person, nobody calling you a liar is going to change that. If you are a hard worker, nobody who calls you lazy is going to change that. If you are a generous  person, nobody calling you stinging is going to change that. When others think hateful thoughts about you or speak to others about you with malice….they are showing their character, not yours. Know yourself. Stand up for yourself. Don’t let someone’s false opinion of you change your behavior and definitely don’t allow someone to steal the joy in your life just because joy is lacking in theirs.

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